Core Strengthening Yoga Postures

Core Strengthening Yoga Asana/Postures:

Core muscles comprises of almost all the muscles except your arm and the legs. Functional movements are highly dependent on the core. Core strengthening yoga Asana improve your posture, improve your ability to complete your everyday activities and it can also improve your sports performance.
Scroll through our Yoga Core Strengthening Asana/Posture library for beginner, intermediate and advanced postures, Click on the link or thumbnails to know the details.


Ardha Shalabhasana – Half Locust Pose

Ardha - Half Shalabh - Locust Steps: Variation 1 Lie flat on the stomach, with the chin on the floor. Bring the hands under the ...
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Astavakrasana – Eight angle posture

Astavakra means eight-crooks. This posture is dedicated to sage Astavakra who was born crooked in eight places because of a curse. Steps: Stand with the ...
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Bakasana- Crane posture

Bakasana (‘bak’ means crane) is another one of my favourite poses and is similar to kakasana. These two poses are the foundation of all the ...
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Bramcharyasana- Celibate’s pose – L sit

This posture is also called the L sit in modern Gymnastics. Steps: Sit in dandasana with legs together and outstretched in front of the body ...
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Chaturanga Dandasana- Four Limbed Staff Pose

Chatur = four, Anga = Limbs/ Part of body, Danda = Staff. This posture is similar to push-ups. This posture is a part of the ...
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Dwi hasta bhujasana- two hands and arms posture

Dwi means two, hasta means hand, bhuja means arms Steps: Stand with your feet hip width apart. Exhale, bend forward and bring your arms through ...
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Eka Pada Bakasana – One Legged Crane Posture

Eka = One, Pad = Foot or Leg , Bak = Crane. This is an advanced pose can only be done once you have mastered Bakasana, it requires ...
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Grivasana – Neck Posture

Griva- Neck This is a strenuous posture. Only people in good, sound health should attempt it. Steps: Lie flat on the back Bend your knees ...
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Kakasana- Crow posture

Kakasana (‘kak’ means crow) is another one of my favourite poses and is similar to bakasana. These two poses are the foundation of all the ...
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Kumbhakasana – Dolphin plank posture

Steps: Sit in vajrasana and interlock your fingers and place the forearm on the floor (or place the forearm on the floor with the palm ...
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Lolasana- Pendant posture

Lola means moving to and fro or dangling like an ear ring or a pendant. Steps: Start with vajrasana and cross the legs so that ...
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Mayurasana – Peacock Posture

Mayurasana (Sanskrit: मयूरासन) or Peacock Pose is an asana where the individual assumes a peacock like posture. This posture is mentioned in the first chapter ...
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Navasana – Boat Posture

The balance in this posture comes from keeping your core muscles strong. Be conscious not to let the chest sink down, and the back become ...
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Padma mayurasana- Lotus peacock posture

Padma means lotus and Mayur means Peacock in Sanskrit.  This demands good physical strength though it is easier than Mayurasana. Steps: Sit in padmasana (lotus ...
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Parsva Bakasana – Twisted Crane Posture

Parsva = Revolved/twisted Bak = Crane. This is an advanced pose that requires a lot of balance and practice. Steps Squat down with your feet ...
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Pungu Mayurasana – Wounded Peacock Posture – One arm balancing Yoga

Pungu = wounded and mayur = peacock. This is one arm balancing Yoga posture so requires a lot of wrist and core strength. This is ...
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Purvottanasana – Intense East Stretch /Setuasana – Bridge Pose

Also known as upward plank pose Purv - East Ott - intense Tan - stretch Setu - Bridge Intense east stretch, got this name, as ...
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Santolasana- high plank postures

Variation 1: Sit in Vajrasana and come to a table top posture from there (hands and knee on the ground, shoulder width apart, body parallel ...
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Sarpasana – Snake Posture

Sarp = Snake Steps: Lie flat on the stomach, with the chin on the floor. Inter lock your fingers behind your back. Inhale, use the ...
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Shalabhasana - Locust Posture

Shalabhasana – Locust Posture

Shalabh - Locust Steps: Lie flat on your stomach, with the legs and feet together, toes pointing back. Interlace your fingers and place them under ...
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Supta Pawanmuktasana – Wind Release Pose

Supta = Reclining, Pawan = wind, Mukt = Release. Steps: Variation 1 Lie down on your back with your hands by the side of the ...
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Utkatasana – Fierce Posture

Also known as chair posture Steps: Start in Samathiti (equal standing posture).  Inhale and raise your arms up, perpendicular to the floor, plams touching, looking ...
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Utpluthih – Uprooting

Utpluthih is also known as tolasana - scales pose Steps: 1 Take the legs in to the lotus pose. If this is not possible have ...
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Vipreet Naukasana – Reverse boat posture

Vipreet means reverse, nauka means boat. This posture is also called salabhasana in Iyenger yoga. Variation 1 Variation 2 Steps: Lie on the floor on the ...
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Vyaghrasana – Tiger Pose

Vyaghr-Tiger. This is a dynamic pose, Vyaghrasana 1 (on inhale) Vyaghrasana 2 (on exhale) Steps: Start in a tabletop position, (on your hands and knees) ...
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