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Sanskrit Breakdown of Posture Names

The names of the asanas (postures) can be divided into different groups: instructions, lifeless forms, animal forms, human forms, and ...
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Ayurvedic and Yogic Diet

"Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food." - Hypocrates Ayurvedic vs. Yogic Diet The base ...
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Kakasana and Bakasana (Crow Posture and Crane Posture) Difference

Kakasana (‘kak’ means  crow) and Bakasana (‘bak’ means crane) is one of my favourite poses.   This pose is a foundation of ...
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Barefoot running

Well I wanted to write this for long now but didn't get the time. I talked to many of my ...
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Where is your wallet?

The one most common reason behind most men back pain is a habit of keeping wallet in their back pockets ...
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India the emerging diabetes capital – Quick facts and figures

India is emerging as the world's capital of coronary heart disease and diabetes. Here are a few facts and figures ...
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Is Your Breathing Efficient?

It's not until you find yourself running out of air that you are even aware of your breath (or you ...
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Sit Down!

As with many problems people experience on a day to day basis, the solution could be sitting (pun intended) right ...
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