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Ayurvedic constitution analysis- find your prakriti


We have provided below a quiz to find out your prakruti. The quiz consists of some physical, emotional, and mental characteristics. Each question has three answers which fall under either Vata, Pitta, or Kapha. Choose the answer which best suits you. Sometimes you might fall into more than one category, you can choose more than one answer in that case.


Mostly one of the components (either vata, pitta, or kapha) will be dominant for you. Eg. If you get more answers in the Pitta category then Pitta is the most dominant prakruti for you, followed by either vata or kapha.

In Ayurveda when we talk about the prakruti then we mention the first two dominant components only. Example- If we say you are Pitta-Vatta, this means the most dominant is Pitta followed by Vata, and the third one Kapha (which is generally not written).

The following outcomes are possible.

  • Vata-Pitta
  • Pitta-Vata
  • Vata-Kapha
  • Kapha-Vata
  • Pitta-Kapha
  • Kapha-Pitta
  • Tri-dosha (Vata-Pitta-Kapha)- In this case all the three components are in almost equal numbers, this is rare.

Ayurvedic Constitution analysis quiz

Choose your answer and click submit to find out your Prakriti.

1. Height  
Tall or Short with narrow frame Vata
Average Pitta
Tall or Short with broad frame Kapha
2. Body type  
Slim, long limbs, struggle to gain weight Vata
Muscular, well proportioned,can lose or gain weight Pitta
Large, strong, prone to be overweight Kapha
3. Skin lustre  
Dull or greyish Vata
Pink, burns easily freckles Pitta
Clear, even tone, plump Kapha
4. Skin texture  
Dry, rough thin Vata
Warm, slightly oily Pitta
Cold moist, oily Kapha
5. Eyes  
Small, or uneven, yellow or
Symmetrical, prone to
irritation, often red
Large, watery, bright, white Kapha
6. Hair  
Thin, dry, split ends Vata
Medium, soft, oily, can go grey/ bald early Pitta
Thick, shiny, wavy, lustrous Kapha
7. Teeth  
Small, uneven or crooked,
slightly grey
Symmetrical, yellow bleeding/ sensitive gums Pitta
Large, well formed, white,thick enamel Kapha
8. Nails  
Rough, brittle, cracked, thin,different shapes Vata
Strong, pink or yellow, even sizes Pitta
Soft, smooth, white, strong Kapha
9. Joints  
Stiff, crack easily Vata
Loose lubricated Pitta
Firm, large, lubricated Kapha
10. Circulation  
Poor, variable (tends to have cold hands and feet) Vata
Good (warm hands and feet) Pitta
Moderate (cool hands and feet) Kapha
11. Apetite  
Variable, either very hungry or not at all Vata
Strong, needs to eat at regular times Pitta
Moderate but tends to eat for comfort Kapha
12. Digestion  
Irregular, indigestion,allergies, fragile, irritable Vata
Quick, strong, can digest most anything, fiery Pitta
Medium/ slow but steady Kapha
13. Thirst  
Low Vata
High Pitta
Moderate Kapha
14. Sweating  
Little sweat, no odour Vata
Lots of sweat, stronger odour Pitta
Moderate sweat & odour Kapha
15. Stool  
Hard, dark, or dry stools,often constipated, gassy, painful bowel movements Vata
Smelly, Soft loose stools,sometimes yellowish, tends towards diarrhoea Pitta
Moderate stools, sometimes pale in colour, mucous may be present Kapha
16. Urination  
Scanty, no odour Vata
Frequent, strong odour Pitta
Moderate, some odour Kapha
17. Sensitivities  
Cold, dryness, wind Vata
Heat, sunlight, fire Pitta
Cold, damp Kapha
18. Immune functions  
Low variable easily sick Vata
Moderate, changes with stress Pitta
High, rarely sick Kapha
19. Disease tendency  
Pain inflammation, nervous system/mental disorders, insomnia, arthritis Vata
Fever, ulcers, infections,inflammatory diseases, heart attacks Pitta
Respiratory disorders,mucus, accumulation, obesity, benign tumours Kapha
20. Activity Level  
High restless, quick Vata
Moderate Pitta
Low, moves slowly Kapha
21. Endurance  
Poor, bursts of energy but easily exhausted Vata
Moderate but focussed and competitive Pitta
High and steady, slow in starting, good stamina Kapha
22. Sex drive  
Varies with emotions Vata
Often Intense Pitta
Steady Kapha
23. Dream  
Frequent, disturbed Vata
Moderate colourful Pitta
Infrequent, romantic Kapha
24. Memory  
Quick but absent minded (quick to remember, but forgets easily) Vata
Sharp, clear, will not let things go Pitta
Slow and steady (takes long time to remember, but doesn‘t forget) Kapha
25. Speech  
Fast, frequent, sometimes unclear, rambling Vata
Sharp, cutting, purposeful, argumentative, convincing Pitta
Slow cautious, can be melodious or monotonous,less talkative Kapha
26. Intellect  
Quick, imaginative, creative impulsive, adaptable Vata
Fact based, logical, critical Pitta
Slow, exact, makes few mistakes Kapha
27. Emotional response to conflict  
Turns to self blame, forgives easily, anxious to avoid conflict Vata
Hot, irritated or defensive, holds grudges Pitta
Very difficult to start conflict, but even more difficult to forgive Kapha
28. Social relationships  
Relates and expresses easily, popular, funny, can be superficial loves new people Vata
Relates well, can be dominating, makes friends to improve status Pitta
Avoids meeting new people,has deep connections with few people Kapha
29. Friendship  
Many friends but few deep connections, changes friendship groups often Vata
Has some close friends,which are separated from acquaintances Pitta
Deeply connected to small number of family and close friends Kapha
30. Positive emotions  
Adaptable, creative, intuitive, artistic, inventive philosophical Vata
Courageous, independent, natural leader, motivated,confident Pitta
Loving, calm, grounded, caring, stable, Kapha
31. Negative emotions  
Fearful, anxious, nervous,unstable Vata
Angry, irritable, aggressive,dominating Pitta
Avarice, attachment, greedy,lazy Kapha
32. Faith  
Variable, erratic Vata
Strong, determined Pitta
Steady, slow to change Kapha
33. Climate  
Avoids cold and windy Vata
Prefers anything cool Pitta
Avoids damp or humid Kapha

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