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Ayurveda- Pitta dosha and pitta diseases

Pitta in Sanskrit means bile. It relates to all the actions of heating, metabolizing, and transforming in the body and mind. Pitta is considered as the dynamic energy. It refers to our ability to mentally and physically digest situations, and break them down so that they can be absorbed. It is how we discriminate between right and wrong and can often be attached to dualistic or dogmatic ideas.

Pitta diseases

Pitta problems are often acute, and must be dealt with immediately (as in heart attack) they are often dramatic in terms of puss, redness, or pain. It is difficult to ignore them, but the cures are often more obvious than with vata problems.

Around 30% of diseases are partly or entirely influenced by pitta

Pitta diseases
AcidityHeartburn, gastric or peptic ulcers, acid reflux,
Liver problems
Skin ProblemsPimples, acne, rosacea, burst capillaries, cold sores, inflamed rash
Body temperatureFever, infection, becoming easily overheated
HeartHigh blood pressure, heart attack
EyesLong/short sighted, cataracts, inflamed/sensitive eyes, light sensitive
StomachNausea or discomfort after missing meals
BowelsLoose stool, diarrhea
Female Sexual organsVery heavy or long menstruation
HairEarly greying, or hair loss

Pitta is more usually directly connected to specific organ problems. Herbal medicines and diet treatment is recommended. In the case of necessary medical intervention, ayurvedic principles can be used, this is useful when you need to recover from antibiotics required or major surgery.

Reducing Pitta

The main idea of reducing pitta is to cool down. Pitta-type people have a tendency to be hot-headed and also to enjoy more stimulation from things like alcohol, coffee, and drugs. Pitta needs to learn to surrender and to bring the action of letting go into their daily life. Finding small ways to hand over control, and leave their perfectionism. They also have a tendency to do things to excess so learning to do things moderately, eating cooling foods, and spending time in calm places. Make sure there is time for relaxing or playing as well as work. Balance in relationships where pitta doesn’t feel the need to be in control all of the time will help to calm them down.

Increasing Pitta

Things likely to increase pitta are highly competitive work or home situations, staying in city environments without exposure to nature. (It is easy for pitta to lose touch with nature and start to ignore natural cycles). Hot weather, and superficial sports with lots of comparison like bodybuilding.

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