Santolasana- high plank postures

By Prana Yoga | In All Yoga Postures, Arm Balancing, Core Strengthening | on May 11, 2014

Variation 1:

  • Sit in Vajrasana and come to a table top posture from there (hands and knee on the ground, shoulder width apart, body parallel to the ground, arms and thigh perpendicular to the ground).
  • Straighten the knee, move the shoulder forward and drop the hips until the body is straight. The arms should be vertical.
  • Hold the position for about 30 seconds breathing normally.
  • Lower your knees and come back to the table top posture and relax in shashank asana.


Variation 2:

  • From the final position mentioned above, slowly raise the left arm, keeping the body straight, and roll onto the right side so that the chest faces forward.
  • The outer-side of the left foot should be firm on the floor with the right foot resting on top of it.
  • Rest the left hand along the trunk and thigh (you can also straighten the left arm keeping it perpendicular to the ground, it will be a little more difficult)
  • Balance in this position trying to keep the body straight and hold up to 30 seconds breathing normally.
  • Roll back to the initial position and repeat the movement to the left side.

Variation 3:

  • Assuming the final position in Variation 1, focus the eves on a point in front of the body. 
  • Shift the weight to the right arm and raise the left arm to place it on the lower back.
  • Hold for up to 30 seconds and repeat on the other side.



  • Strengthens the lower back, core muscles, shoulder, thigh, arms and spine.
  • The side plank variation strengthens the obliques.
  • Improves the concentration.


  • Heart condition, high blood pressure and hernia
  • Injury in the arm, back or shoulders.

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