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Core Strengthening Yoga Postures

Core Strengthening Yoga Asana/Postures:

Core muscles comprise almost all the muscles except your arm and the legs. Functional movements are highly dependent on the core. Core strengthening yoga Asana improves your posture, improves your ability to complete your everyday activities and it can also improve your sports performance.
Scroll through our Yoga Core Strengthening Asana/Posture library for beginner, intermediate and advanced postures, Click on the link or thumbnails to know the details.

Vipreet-Naukasana-Reverse-boat-posture-2Vipreet Naukasana – Reverse boat posture
Vipreet means reverse, nauka means boat. This posture is also called salabhasana in Iyenger yoga. Variation 1 Variation 2 Steps: Lie… Read More »Vipreet Naukasana – Reverse boat posture
Utkatasana-Fierce-Posture-chair-poseUtkatasana – Fierce Posture
Also known as chair posture Steps: Start in Samathiti (equal standing posture).  Inhale and raise your arms up, perpendicular to… Read More »Utkatasana – Fierce Posture
Kumbhakasana-Dolphin-plank-postureKumbhakasana – Dolphin plank posture
Steps: Sit in vajrasana and interlock your fingers and place the forearm on the floor (or place the forearm on… Read More »Kumbhakasana – Dolphin plank posture
Lolasana-Pendant-postureLolasana- Pendant posture
Lola means moving to and fro or dangling like an ear ring or a pendant. Steps: Start with vajrasana and… Read More »Lolasana- Pendant posture
Chaturanga-Dandasana-Four-Limbed-Staff-PoseChaturanga Dandasana- Four Limbed Staff Pose
Chatur = four, Anga = Limbs/ Part of body, Danda = Staff. This posture is similar to push-ups. This posture… Read More »Chaturanga Dandasana- Four Limbed Staff Pose
Pungu-Mayurasana-Wounded-Peacock-Posture-One-arm-balancing-YogaPungu Mayurasana – Wounded Peacock Posture – One arm balancing Yoga
Pungu = wounded and mayur = peacock. This is one arm balancing Yoga posture so requires a lot of wrist… Read More »Pungu Mayurasana – Wounded Peacock Posture – One arm balancing Yoga
Astavakrasana-Eight-angle-postureAstavakrasana – Eight angle posture
Astavakra means eight-crooks. This posture is dedicated to sage Astavakra who was born crooked in eight places because of a… Read More »Astavakrasana – Eight angle posture
Supta-Pavanmuktasana-Wind-Release-Pose-variationSupta Pawanmuktasana – Wind Release Pose
Supta = Reclining, Pawan = wind, Mukt = Release. Steps: Variation 1 Lie down on your back with your hands… Read More »Supta Pawanmuktasana – Wind Release Pose
Navasana-Boat-Posture-naukasanaNavasana – Boat Posture
The balance in this posture comes from keeping your core muscles strong. Be conscious not to let the chest sink… Read More »Navasana – Boat Posture
Tiryaka-Talasana-Swaying-Palm-Tree-PostureTiryaka Talasana – Swaying Palm Tree Posture
Tiryaka – Swaying Tala – Palm Tree. Steps: Stand with feet a little more than hip width apart. Fix your… Read More »Tiryaka Talasana – Swaying Palm Tree Posture