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All Yoga Postures

All Yoga Postures

We have created an asana library to make it easier for you to search for postures, and to give you more details about each pose and how to get in and out of them. You can look up different categories so that it’s easier for you to put together your own practice sequence so that you can work with your body in the way you want to. Where possible we have included contraindications and explained ways that you can modify poses to be more suitable for the level you are at. This can be particularly useful if you are coming to yoga after injury so that you can approach practice safely.

If there are poses you would like to see that we have not yet included let us know and we will try to write about them in the future.

Ushtrasana-Camel-posture-ustrasanaUshtrasana – Camel posture
Ustra-camel, asana-pose.This is a foundational back bending posture. While it is beneficial in its own right, this pose is also… Read More »Ushtrasana – Camel posture
Kakasana-Crow-postureKakasana- Crow posture
Kakasana (‘kak’ means crow) is another one of my favorite poses and is similar to bakasana. These two poses are… Read More »Kakasana- Crow posture
bakasana-crane-postureBakasana- Crane posture
Bakasana (‘bak’ means crane) or the crane posture is an arm balancing posture. People often confuse this posture and use… Read More »Bakasana- Crane posture
Marichyasana-CMarichyasana C
Marichyasana is the set of poses that use binding, twisting, and bending to access areas of the body that not… Read More »Marichyasana C
Dandasana-Staff-postureDandasana- Staff posture
This posture is often overlooked because from the outside it appears so easy. It tends to be in the simplest… Read More »Dandasana- Staff posture
Parsva-Bakasana-Twisted-Crane-PostureParsva Bakasana – Side Crane Posture
Prasva – side, Bak – crane, asana – posture. The side crane posture.This is an intermediate-level arm balancing posture that… Read More »Parsva Bakasana – Side Crane Posture
Eka-Pada-Bakasana–One-Legged-Crane-PostureEka Pada Bakasana – One Legged Crane Posture
Eka = One, Pad = Foot or Leg , Bak = Crane.This is an advanced pose that can only be… Read More »Eka Pada Bakasana – One Legged Crane Posture
Virbhadrasana-3-Warrior-3-postureVirbhadrasana 3 – Warrior 3 posture
To be in sync with what we are talking about please read about the other two posts on warrior-1 and… Read More »Virbhadrasana 3 – Warrior 3 posture
Virbhadrasana-1-Warrior-1Virbhadrasana 1- Warrior 1
Vir-bhadra-asana 1, the gracious warrior (vir- courageous, warrior; bhadra- gracious). These are the characteristics of a true warrior. The gracious… Read More »Virbhadrasana 1- Warrior 1
Virbhadrasana 2- Warrior 2Virbhadrasana 2- Warrior 2
In the first posture from this series (Warrior-1) we discussed the warrior spirit, how we can use it in certain… Read More »Virbhadrasana 2- Warrior 2

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