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About Us

We have spent the last several years researching and practicing various elements of yoga, and the most fascinating thing has been how the focus of the practice keeps changing. What started as an interest in making the body operate more efficiently, soon started to reveal much more subtle and interesting phenomena which we have continued to explore in our own ways. People often talk about yoga being the state of union or being beyond the pose, but it can be very difficult to conceptualize this and even when we do, somehow the true essence is missed.

People tend to create so many stories about what yoga is (or isn’t) imagining feats of physical excellence or extraordinary energetic shifts of the mind. While these things (and many others) may be experienced through dedicated practice, the state of yoga is when you come to the present moment and are no longer caught up in the stories of the mind. It is actually when we are able to drop all of the ideas about what it is or isn’t and just become aware of the experience.

We practice a variety of techniques, from traditional yoga (asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation, etc.), to martial arts, music, and philosophical discussion. All with the intent of reaching more clarity, and slowly working towards being able to remain in ‘that’ state of yoga (being in a state of yoga is different from doing yoga practices) where there is true separation from the self and the mind.

Through this continued work on ourselves, our awareness started to change, and we have slowly become more conscious of the games being played between the mind, body, energy, and emotions. We have been fortunate enough to grow into this together, with mutual support through the stages, but we are equally grateful to all who have inspired us to keep going, either through support or through sharing their own knowledge and understanding with us.

We have created this website to become a resource for anyone looking to know more about some of the techniques of yoga, and how these concepts can be used to bring more awareness to daily life. This is working up from the basics of improving postures to more of the philosophical elements.

We teach elements of what we have learned, in partnership with various yoga schools to work in their 200, 300, and 500 hours, yoga teacher’s training. We cover a variety of topics Asana Practice (Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) Understanding the fundamentals of the body (Posture alignment, Posture mechanics,) Yogic approach to understanding the body and mind (Yogic Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy,) using sound and the voice as a method of knowing the self(Mantra chanting and Mantra philosophy). We have also created teaching materials for teacher training programs and short courses, which are available on request.

If you have any suggestions or questions drop us an email at [email protected]

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“There are no discoveries! What does discovery mean? To find out that which is already