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Meditation Yoga Postures

Meditation Yoga Asana/Postures

Many people speak of asana practice as just being a way to prepare the body so you can sit comfortably in meditation. There are particular postures practiced for different types of meditation, or by different people depending on their preference/setting/religion.

These postures all aim to bring balance, and hold the body comfortably with good posture. They may not all be accessible straight away but when you have sufficient flexibility they will become comfortable and calming. These postures can be practiced in sequences or on their own for individual benefits.

Click on the links or thumbnails to learn about each asana.

Padmasana-Lotus-PosturePadmasana – Lotus Posture
Padma = Lotus This is thought to be the best meditation posture, and if anyone is praticing Ashtanga yoga you… Read More »Padmasana – Lotus Posture
Virasana-Hero-PostureVirasana – Hero Posture
vira = hero/man/chief This is a good posture to use for meditation especially as it twists your knees in the… Read More »Virasana – Hero Posture
Vajrasana-Thunderbolt-PostureVajrasana – Thunderbolt Posture
Vajrasana is also called Diamond Pose Steps: Sit in Dandasana (hips on ground, legs in front) Bend your knees and… Read More »Vajrasana – Thunderbolt Posture
Bhadrasana-Gracious-PostureBhadrasana – Gracious Posture
This posture was a little confusing to post about, because it seems to have different names wherever you look. To… Read More »Bhadrasana – Gracious Posture
Siddha Yoni Asana – Acomplished Posture for Women
This is the same as Siddhasana, but this is the accomplished pose for women. Steps : Sit straight on the… Read More »Siddha Yoni Asana – Acomplished Posture for Women
Sukhasana-Cross-Legged-Pose-easy-poseSukhasana – Cross Legged Pose
Translation: Sukh- Joy/Bliss; asana- posture. This is also known as the Easy pose or blissful pose and is often used… Read More »Sukhasana – Cross Legged Pose