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How does our dosha get unbalanced

We all have our natural dosha tendencies in terms of what we inherited, and then we have the socially constructed dosha which constantly changes in response to our actions, thoughts, emotions, the foods we eat, the seasons, and any other sensory inputs that feed our mind and body.

Imbalance occurs in three ways
Body TypeYou are genetically predisposed to some types of diseases, if you are aware then you can avoid this type of problem. But these will always be your tendency.
Mind TypeBased on various influences (childhood and present) our minds are often dominant in a dosha different from our body. Often mental problems will manifest as physical, to solve these types of illnesses the root needs to be found.
Circumstantial FactorsWhat is happening in your life can aggravate doshas. e.g. Highly competitive surroundings increase pitta; uncertainty, and grief can trigger Vata; while starting a family can increase Kapha.

If we can start to bring awareness to our own bodies, and find out what is normal and balanced for us, it will become much easier to notice when something has gone out of balance and it will be easy to correct. If we always wait until there is a problem with strong symptoms before taking action, the action will require much more effort and the method will be much stricter.

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