Virasana – Hero Posture

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vira = hero/man/chief
This is a good posture to use for meditation especially as it twists your knees in the opposite direction to most other meditation postures.



Note – If you experience strain in your knees at any time while in Virasana, come out and prop yourself up further before attempting it again.

1. Kneel on the floor with your legs together, thighs perpendicular to the ground, (you may do this on a blanket to make it more comfortable)

2. Slide your feet apart, slightly wider than your hips, with the tops of the feet flat on the floor. Angle your big toes slightly in toward each other.

3. Exhale and bring the buttocks down to the floor between your feet. (It may help to pull the flesh from the calfs out to make it easier to sit)

– If your buttocks don’t comfortably rest on the floor, you can sit on a block or thick book placed between the feet, making sure both sitting bones are evenly supported.

4. Avoid the temptation to slump your spine. Roll your shoulders back, and lift your chest out. try to open the collar bones and lengthen the tailbone towards the floor.

5. Bring your hands either palms down on top of your thighs, or placing your hands in your lap palms up on ontop of the other (right on top for men and left on top for women)

– At first stay in this pose for 30 seconds gradually increasing up to 5 minutes.

6. Inhale, press your hands against the floor and lift your buttocks up and cross your ankles. Sit back behind the feet and onto the floor, and stretch your legs out in front of you.

1. Stretches the hips, thighs, knees, ankles, and feet
2. Improves digestion and relieves gas
3. Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause
4. Reduces swelling of the legs during pregnancy (through second trimester)
5. Therapeutic for high blood pressure and asthma
6. Improves circulation and relieves tired legs
7. Strengthens the arches of the feet, helping with flat feet
8. Improves digestion and relieves gas


  1. Headache: Practice this pose lying back on a bolster.
  2. Knee or ankle injury: Avoid this pose unless you have the assistance of an experienced instructor.

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