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Vajrasana Group Of Yoga Postures

Usually, when we think about opening the hips internal rotation gets forgotten. It either seems to be something that comes so easily it’s boring or is so difficult it can be hard to find enough modifications to access the postures.

To maintain (or gain) healthy movement through the pelvis and legs it is important to include these postures. With some practice, you might be surprised at the difference you feel, particularly in being able to sit more comfortably.

Pay special attention to the knees in this group of poses because forcing before the hips are ready, will twist the knee which can lead to instability or even injury.

Virasana-Hero-PostureVirasana – Hero Posture
vira = hero/man/chief This is a good posture to use for meditation especially as it twists your knees in the… Read More »Virasana – Hero Posture
Vajrasana-Thunderbolt-PostureVajrasana – Thunderbolt Posture
Vajrasana is also called Diamond Pose Steps: Sit in Dandasana (hips on ground, legs in front) Bend your knees and… Read More »Vajrasana – Thunderbolt Posture
Balasana-Childs-PostureShashankasana – Hare Posture & Balasana – Child’s Posture
These postures are resting postures for relaxing the whole body. They are used interchangably, and sometimes the names are swapped… Read More »Shashankasana – Hare Posture & Balasana – Child’s Posture
Gomukhasana-Cow-Face-PostureGomukhasana – Cow Face Posture
Steps: Start sitting with the knees bent and the feet on the floor in a comfortable position Bring the left… Read More »Gomukhasana – Cow Face Posture
Marichyasana-AMarichyasana A
Marichyasana A, is the first in a set of poses that use binding, twisting, and bending to access areas of… Read More »Marichyasana A
Supta-Virasana-Reclining-Hero-PostureSupta Virasana – Reclining Hero Posture
This is an intense stretch on the knees so be particularly careful if you feel any pain. DO NOT practice… Read More »Supta Virasana – Reclining Hero Posture
Bhadrasana-Gracious-PostureBhadrasana – Gracious Posture
This posture was a little confusing to post about, because it seems to have different names wherever you look. To… Read More »Bhadrasana – Gracious Posture
Bitilasana-Cow-PostureBitilasana- Cow Posture
This yoga posture is usually performed in combination with Marjariasana (cat posture) for a vinyasa (movement) to warm up the… Read More »Bitilasana- Cow Posture
Ardha-Ustrasana-Half-Camel-PostureArdha Ustrasana – Half Camel Posture
Ardha Means half, Ustra means camel. This posture is for beginners who cannot do Ustrasana. Steps: Sit in Vajrasana. Separate… Read More »Ardha Ustrasana – Half Camel Posture
Bhekasana-Frog-PostureBhekasana – Frog Posture
Translation: Bhek- frog; asana- posture. Bhekasana (the frog pose) is an advanced pose and requires a lot of flexibility in… Read More »Bhekasana – Frog Posture