Naman Pranamasana – Prostration posture

By Prana Yoga | In All Yoga Postures, Forward Bends, Inversions | on July 9, 2014

Naman – Bowing down, Pranam – A respectful greeting



  • Sit in Vajrasana,
  • Hold your heels.
  • Exhale, slowly bend forward and place the crown of the head on the ground in front of the knees (you can put a folded blanket under your head)
  • Inhale, raise the hips as high as possible, trying to bring your thingh almost vertical to the ground (their shouldnt be any strain in your neck, its completely fine if you cannot bring the thigh vertical to the ground)
  • Press your chin against the chest
  • Remain in the final position for about 5 to 20 seconds, breathing normally
  • Exhale, lower the hips and come in to Shashankasana and inhale, then return back into Vajrasana


  • It can be used as a preparatory pose for Sirshasana, it adapts the brain to the extra pressure when the body is inverted.
  • It has some of the benefits of Sirshasana but to a lesser degree.


  • Vertigo, weak neck, high blood pressure

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