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Inversion Yoga Asana/Postures

Inversion Yoga Asana/Postures:

Inverted Asana/Postures reverse the action of gravity on the body. It encourages the blood flow to the brain, nourishing the neurons and flushing out toxins. Blood and lymph, accumulated in the lower limbs, pelvis, and abdomen are drained back to the heart, then circulated to the lungs, purified, and re-circulated to all the parts of the body. Some of the benefits of inversions are reduced stress and anxiety, increase in self-confidence, increase in mental power and concentration, and massaging of the abdominal organs.

Scroll through our Inverted Yoga Asana/Posture library for beginner, intermediate and advanced postures, Click on the link or thumbnails to know the details.

Halasana-Plough-PostureHalasana – Plough Posture
This pose is considered to be intermediate to advanced. It is not advisable to perform the pose in this way… Read More »Halasana – Plough Posture
Karnapidasana-Ear-Pressure-PostureKarnapidasana – Ear Pressure Posture
Karnapidasana (ear pressure posture) is considered to be an intermediate to advanced posture, when the feet are on the floor.… Read More »Karnapidasana – Ear Pressure Posture
Pincha-Mayurasana-Feathered-peacock-pose-forearm-balancePincha Mayurasana- Feathered peacock pose- Forearm balance
Pincha means feather, mayura means peacock. This is a challenging inversion, beginners should do it against the wall or in… Read More »Pincha Mayurasana- Feathered peacock pose- Forearm balance
Adho-mukha-vrikshasana-Handstand-poseAdho mukha vrikshasana – Handstand pose
Adho means downward, mukha means face and vriksh means tree. This posture is mentioned in an ancient unpublished manuscript “Yogāsana… Read More »Adho mukha vrikshasana – Handstand pose
Supta-Konasana-Reclining-Angle-PostureSupta Konasana – Reclining Angle Posture
Steps: Start by placing some blankets on the floor, folded neatly. These folded blankets will support your neck and shoulders.… Read More »Supta Konasana – Reclining Angle Posture
Grivasana–Neck-PostureGrivasana – Neck Posture
Translation: Griva- Neck; asana- posture. Grivasana is an advanced neck strengthening posture. This exercise is often done by wrestlers and… Read More »Grivasana – Neck Posture
Naman-Pranamasana-Prostration-postureNaman Pranamasana – Prostration posture
Naman – Bowing down, Pranam – A respectful greeting Steps: Sit in Vajrasana, Hold your heels. Exhale, slowly bend forward… Read More »Naman Pranamasana – Prostration posture