Bhujapidasana- Shoulder pressing posture

By Prana Yoga | In All Yoga Postures, Arm Balancing | on May 30, 2014

Bhuja means the arm or the shoulder and pida means pressure.



  • Squat down with feet about a little less than shoulder width apart.
  • Lift your hips up till the thigh is parallel to the ground.
  • Pass your right hand from below the right thigh and place the palm on the outer side of the right foot, similarly place the left hand on the outer side of the left thigh.
  • Adjust your thigh so that the inner thigh come as close as possible to the respective shoulders.
  • Inhale and lift the feet from the ground and balance on the hands. Stretch the arms straight and try to bring the feet higher and interlock the feet at the ankle.
  • Stay in the posture for 20 to 30 seconds with normal breathing.
  • Exhale, bend the elbow lower the body to the floor and relax.


  • Develops arm muscles
  • Increases flexibility in the shoulder joints and lower back
  • Massages and tones the abdomen and visceral organs
  • Stimulates the pancreas


  • Sciatica, slipped disc,weak back, hernia
  • Heart problem, high blood pressure

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