Ardha Baddha Padmotanasana – Half Bound Lotus Standing Forward Bend

By Prana Yoga | In All Yoga Postures, Forward Bends, Hamstring Stretches, Hip Openers, Padmasana Group, Standing Balancing, Standing Postures | on June 2, 2014

This can be quite a tricky posture so there are a few modifications that can be made throughout. 

  1. Stay standing, just work on building the flexibility and balance
  2. Don’t bind – just hold the foot with the opposite hand if you can’t reach round the back
  3. Bring both hands to the floor for better balance
  4. Use blocks to put your hand(s) on
  5. Use a wall for balance



  1. Starting in Samastithi (equal standing posture)
  2. Inhale lift the right leg, bringing the foot up towards the left hip.
  3. Exhale reach around your backand hold onto the right big toe with the right hand. (if this is not possible hold with the left hand and hold the left wrist with your right hand stay in this posture do not proceed) See Ardha Baddha Padma Vrikshasana
  4. Inhale lift your left are straight up into the air
  5. Exhale, bending forwards at the hips, bring the left hand down to the floor. Try to focus on the tip of your nose (slightly cross eyed)
  6. Hold here breathing deeply
  7. Inhale lift the body and the left and all the way up
  8. Exhale release the leg down to Samastithi (equal standing posture)
  9. Inhale repeat with the left leg


  1. Strengthens the legs
  2. Opens the hips and shoulders.
  3. Stretches hamstring muscles
  4. Stimulates digestive organs and relives constipation.
  5. Prepares the body for Padmasana (lotus posture) which will give you access to MANY other postures

Knee and Lower back injuries


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