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Discover the world of Yoga beyond asana

There are so many other practices in Yoga which is not limited only to the postures. Find out more about the other practices and see if you would like to include them.

Vama-nauli-leftNauli Kriya- Abdominal Massage Cleansing
Nauli Kriya Massage is used to help heal the body, making the muscles loose and stress-free, but is also a… Read More »Nauli Kriya- Abdominal Massage Cleansing
jal-neti-nasal-irrigation-cleansingJal Neti – Nasal Cleansing with water
Neti is the process of cleaning the nasal cavity, using either water or a catheter (traditionally string dipped in wax… Read More »Jal Neti – Nasal Cleansing with water
trataka, concentration practice using candleTrataka – Focused Gazing
What is trataka? Trataka is one of the Shat Kriyas (Six Yogic Cleansing Processes). It is the practice of focusing… Read More »Trataka – Focused Gazing
udarakarshanasana-abdominal-stretch-poseLaghu Shankh Prakshalan- Stomach Cleanse
‘Shank prakshalan’ can have amazing physical and emotional health benefits, but it’s not for the faint-hearted. The word ‘laghu’ means… Read More »Laghu Shankh Prakshalan- Stomach Cleanse
kunjal kriya, gaja karini kriyaKunjal Kriya
This is a practice that comes under the category of Dhauti which means washing or cleansing and refers to a… Read More »Kunjal Kriya
Paths of yogaPaths Of Yoga
Everyone is different, (that’s why we’re called individuals) and it’s completely up to each individual which path they choose to… Read More »Paths Of Yoga
enema post as a basti alternativeBasti Kriya and Enema
Note:- These techniques should only be done under the supervision of a qualified instructor or practitioner. What is basti kriya? Basti… Read More »Basti Kriya and Enema
salt water for kriyaShat Kriya – Six Yogic cleansing techniques
In Sanskrit ‘Shat’ means six and ‘Kriya’ means internal action, these are the main cleansing techniques used in hatha yoga.… Read More »Shat Kriya – Six Yogic cleansing techniques
shavasana-corpse-poseA breathing technique for relaxation
When we get angry or stressed then we hear people saying to us “relax” but definitely just speaking the word… Read More »A breathing technique for relaxation
Sukhasana-Cross-Legged-Pose-easy-poseThe Mantra AUM – AUM Meditation
The sacred mantra AUM is a very powerful mantra. It consists of three Syllables Aaaa.., Uuuuu… and Mmmm. These three… Read More »The Mantra AUM – AUM Meditation